About Us

Mallika Empire, established in 2011, was born with an idea - to provide freshness and exquisiteness in Diamond and Gold jewellery design and craftsmanship while maintaining the greatest commitment to the quality of the products being used, their making and presentation.

Our showroom is now open at the Hotel ‘THE GRAND’, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi to cater to exclusive clients and to be of easy access to international patrons.

Quality Assurance

Mallika Empire guarantees the quality and purity of all its products. All our Solitaires are IGI/GIA certified, all our Gold Jewellery hallmarked and all our Diamond Jewellery and Gemstones certified by reputed labs.


A piece of Jewellery is as much about the emotions it’s capable of stirring as it is about the value of the Jewel. A Jewel is a statement of a mood, a memory, an occasion but most importantly it is a statement of who You are.

At Mallika Empire therefore, we are very conscious of what our pieces mean to our clients. And this is why, each individual piece is thought about in great detail, from its inception to its production to its presentation. Visit our Showroom to feel the delight of our collection.

About the Promoters

Craftsmanship of Jewellery pieces and trading in Diamonds has largely been a male forte in India up until now. The use of Jewellery for centuries of course, has been a female forte!

The creation of Mallika Empire has been a vision of two women entrepreneurs, Alka Chaturvedi and Mallika Chaturvedi, a mother-daughter duo, passionate about the extra-ordinary, the exclusive, and the best.

Each spent a period of three years understanding their product and their market – acquiring not just the relevant certifications but a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the jewellery manufacturing process, be it, the creation of design or the sourcing of the highest quality raw material, working with the best craftsmen and ensuring implementation of delicate nuances of the designs provided or making sure that each piece passed the highest quality standard and acquired relevant credentials –  they made it their business to know every little detail.

Young, vibrant, dynamic and enterprising, Mallika is a combination of sound business sense and great product knowledge. Trained to understand the quality of Diamonds, she has also spent time understanding the currents in the world of Diamond trading. It gave her a combination of a minute critical eye along with the sense of a larger perspective, she feels. Her mother feels she brings a certain sparkle to the business.

Graceful and elegant, Alka herself is a mine of knowledge. She not only brings with her, valuable experience, elegance and exclusivity but as stickler for quality and precision she will recognize impurity at a glance. She understands the value of her pieces as heirlooms, investments, memoires, precious gifts, understands the emotions these pieces will carry for long times to come and believes in honest appraisal and sound advice.

Mallika Empire, a brainchild of the two, started as a private limited company and opened its first and exclusive showroom at the hotel THE GRAND in Vasant Kunj, Delhi with a dazzling range of products.

The vision of Mallika Empire is to be an ideal combination of tradition and modernity, of carrying in the best from the past and creating new and fresh on solid foundations, of a niche product range and good business ethics.

Alka and Mallika Chaturvedi today are women on a mission, “It is important to make the client understand the exact value of what they are buying, they should not be enticed, but educated sincerely. I feel it’s important to spend time with each client, get them what they desire, not just what we have, and I know we can get them whatever they desire”, says the mother in a graceful, confident smile. A forthright daughter quips in, “I think I’d not fool a client into telling them something is looking good on them, if it is not – even if that is bad for my business in the short run. We are here to stay and we want our clients to come back to us because they know they can trust both our products as well as our judgment.”



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